Dr. Ophelia Osei

Dr. Ophelia Osei


Dr Ophelia Osei is a Research Scientist who has been conducting research in the areas of Agriculture and Soil Science for the past ten years. Ophelia is an inoculant production specialist and has basic skills in Molecular Biological Techniques. Her area of specialization is Soil Microbiology. She is interested in works related to Soil-Plant-Microbes interaction; Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF), Bioremediation and Reclamation of Degraded Lands, Mitigation of Climate Change and Soil Fertility Improvement for enhanced food security.


Ophelia holds a PhD and MSc in Soil Science, and a BSc in Agriculture all from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi Ghana

Work Experience

She has worked with the rhizobiology team of KNUST as a graduate research fellow on the N2 Africa and AGRA Soil Health Projects in demonstrating the importance of BNF in legumes production via multi-locational field trials in the northern regions of Ghana and Inoculant Production

Selected Publications

Peer Review journals

Osei, O., Araújo, J.L.S., Zilli, J.E., Boddey, R.M., Ahiabor, B.D., Abaidoo, R.C. and Rouws, L.F., 2017. PCR assay for direct specific detection of Bradyrhizobium elite strain BR 3262 in root nodule extracts of soil-grown cowpea. Plant and Soil, 417(1-2), pp.535-548.

Osei, O., Abaidoo, R.C., Ahiabor, B.D., Boddey, R.M. and Rouws, L.F. M., 2018. Bacteria related to Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense from Ghana are effective groundnut micro-symbionts. Applied Soil Ecology, 127, pp.41-50.

Conferences presentations


Osei O., Menezes, I. de A. J., Ulzen, J., Rouws, J. R.C., Ahiabor, B. D. K., Boddey, R. M., Abaidoo, R. C. and Rouws, L. F. M. (June, 2016). Characterization of effective native rhizobia isolates for groundnut inoculation in Ghana. Abstract presented at XXVII RELAR –Reunion of Latin America Rhizobiologist, Londrina – PR, Brazil

Osei O., Simões – Araújo, J. L., Zilli, J. É., Boddey, R. M., Ahiabor, B. D. K., Abaidoo, R. C. and Rouws, L. F. M. (June, 2016). Strain specific PCR assay for the determination of nodule occupancy of grain legumes by the elite strain BR 3262 in Ghana. Abstract presented at XXVII RELAR –Reunion of Latin America Rhizobiologist, Londrina – PR, Brazil

Osei O., Abaidoo R. C., Ewusi-Mensah, N., Ulzen J., and Opoku A. (2016). Symbiotic Potential of Isolates from Indigenous Rhizobia Population in Ghana. Sustainable Grain Legume Systems for Food, Income and Nutritional Security in a Rapidly Changing Climate. 28th February to 4th March. Livingstone, Zambia.

Connect with Dr Osei

Email: oosei@csir.org.gh
Alt Email: oosei52@yahoo.com
Mobile: +233 245 896604
ResearchGate: Ophelia_Osei3