Land Evaluation and Land Use Planning

The programme involves soil resources inventorization, mapping and evaluation for land uses development.


To take inventory of Ghana’s soil resources and evaluate them for agricultural development and other uses.

R&D Focus:

1. Soil Survey and Classification.
2. Soil Mapping and GIS Analyses.
3. Land Evaluation and Suitability Assessment.

Achievements of the Programme

Soil resources of Ghana mapped out, described and evaluated.

Soil suitability assessment & management recommendations for the production of food, cash and non-traditional export crops. e.g. pineapple, cashew, banana, cassava, oil palm, maize & rice.

Identified benchmark soils in all agro–ecologies for easy technology adoption.

Soil and Soil Suitability maps have been produced at various scales for planning purposes in analogue and digital format.

Some Beneficiaries

1. MoFA Lowland Rice Dev. Programme,
2. District Assemblies -Assin, Jasikan, Builsa, Atwima, etc.
3. Newmont Gold Gh. Ltd.,
4. Gwira Banso area in the Nzema East District for Care International.