Soil Fertility Management

This programme generates innovations for integrated soil fertility management towards increased crop production, food security, improved incomes and enhanced livelihood for farmers.


To generate information and technologies for efficient soil fertility management towards increased crops production, food security, improved incomes for farmers and enhanced livelihood.

Finding solutions for “Problem” soils usage e.g. acid soils, salt affected soils and ironpan soils.

Research Focus

1. Fertilizer recommendation development and update.
2. Integrated soil fertility management.
3. Conservation Agriculture.
4. Organic Agriculture.
5. Precision Agriculture.
6. Sawah Rice.
7. General Crop Husbandry – Agronomy.
8. Soil Fertility Regeneration.
9. Biochar Use in Agriculture.
10. Agroforestry.
11. Rhizobium and Mycorhyzal BNF studies.

Achievements of the Programme

Developed fertilizer recommendations for crops.Developed the new maize fertilizer (16-16-19 +MgO +S(SO3)+B) in collaboration with CRI and Chemico Ltd which can increase maize yield to about 10 tons/ha.

Integrated nutrient management protocols developed with farmers in the Semi-deciduous Forest and Sudan Savanna agro- ecological zones for cassava, potato and maize.

Management protocols developed for “Problem” soils.

Effective soil, water and nutrient management (SAWAH Technology) for lowland rice production introduced in communities as Biemso No. 1 & No. 2; Adugyama and surrounding areas; Mankran Valley; Anum River Valley.Rice yields increased from 1 to 5 tonnes/ha

Biochar use; resources characterization and charring protocols developed for agriculture.