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  • Benjamin Ason
  • Tel No 0244798027
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  • Employed on February, 2012
  • Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production University of Hoffenheim, Stuttgart, German

List of Publications

  1. Yawson, D. O., Adu, M. O., Ason, , Armah, F. A. and Yengoh, G. T. (2016): Putting Soil Security on the   Policy Agenda: Need for a Familiar Framework. Challenges, MDPI 7, 15;    doi:10.3390/challe 7020015


  1. Yawson, D. O., Adu, M. O., Ason, , Armah, F. A., Yengoh, G. T., Boateng, E.and Quansah, R. (2016): Ghanaians Might Be at Risk of Excess Dietary Intake of Potassium Based on Food Supply Data. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.


  1. Obiri, S.,Yeboah, P. O.,Osae, S., Adu-kumi, S., Cobbina, S. J., Armah, F. A., Ason, B., Antwi, E. and Quansah., R. (2016): Human Health Risk Assessment of Artisanal Miners Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Water and Sediments in the Prestea Huni Valley District of Ghana. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 13, 139; doi:10.3390/ijerph13010139 MDPI


  1. Ason, , Ababio, F. O., Boateng, E. and Yangyuoru, M., (2015): Comparative Growth Response of Maize on Amended Sediment From Odaw River and Cultivated Soil. World Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 3(04), pp. 143-147.


  1. Ason, , Ababio, F. O., Boateng, E. and Yangyuoru, M., (2014):  Efficacy of Zytonic Soil Conditioner on two Ghanaian Soils using Sweet Pepper and Maize as Test Crops. Advanced Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol. 2 (010), pp. 152-158, October, 2014


  1. Allotey, D. F. K., Ason, B., Gaveh, E., Bleppony H., Monney, E., Akuffo, E. A., Mensah, S. O., Gyekye, P. M. (2014): Performance of Sweet Pepper under Terawet and Three Watering Regimes in a Typical Ghanaian Sandy Soil. International Journal of Research in Agricultural Sciences. 1(04), pp. 231-239.


  1. Allotey, D.F.K., Ofosu-Budu, K., Essuman, F., Ason, B., Issaka, R. N., Monney, E., Sackey, C. K. and Gyekye, P. M., (2013): Soil Fertility Status of Selected


  1. Frederick A. Armah, Benjamin Ason, Isaac Luginaah and Paul K. Essandoh.(2012): Characterization of macro-benthic fauna for ecological health status of the Fosu and Benya lagoons in coastal Ghana

J. Ecol. Field Biol. 35(4): 279-289, 201