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  1. O. Ababio


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  2. M. Phil Soil Science
  3. Soil Fertility and Microbiology
  4. Publications
  1. E. R. Gaisie, T. Adjei-Gyapong A. Sadick, G. Quansah, F. O. Ababio (2018):  Comparative Study of Some Physico-Chemical Properties and Carbon Storage of Soils under Five Different Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs in the Semi Deciduous Zone of Ghana.
  1. F. O. Ababio, A. Sadick, Haruna B. and A. A. Akunai; (2018): Water Quality Appraisal and Its Effect on Aquatic Life and Ecotourism: A Case Study of Lake Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana
  1. F. O. Ababio, A. Sadick, E. O. Adjei, A. A.  Akunai; (2018): Heavy Metal Concentration and Anthropogenic Activities at Artisanal shops at Suame Industrial Area, Ashanti Region, Ghana.
  1. B. Ason, F. O. Ababio, E. Boateng, M. Yangyuoru; (2015): Comparative Growth Response of Maize on Amended Sediment from the Odaw River and Cultivated Soil.
  1. B. Ason, F. O. Ababio, E. Boateng and M. Yangyuoru; (2014):  Efficacy of Zytonic Soil Conditioner on two Ghanaian Soils using Sweet Pepper and Maize as test crops
  1. J. O. Fening, T. A. Gyapong, F. O. Ababio and E. Gaisie. (2009) – Effect of site characteristics on the productivity and economic returns from cassava legume intercropping in Ghana.
  1. J. O. Fening, F. O. Ababio and T. A.  Gyapong, T. (2005): Intercropping Maize with Planted fallows on Smallholder Farms in Ghana.