We offer consultancy services in the following areas.

1. Land Resources Evaluation (for Agriculture, Forestry etc)

  • Detail and semi-detail soil survey.
  • Soil suitability evaluation for agriculture and general land use.
  • Production of soil and soil suitability maps.
  • Products of monographs and books on soil science for educational and extension purposes.

2. Soil Fertility Evaluation and Management

  • Fertilizer recommendations.
  • Compost development.
  • Acid soil management.
  • Integrated nutrient management.
  • Production of inoculant.
  • Vertisol management.

3. Soil and Water Conservative/Erosion Control

  • Watershed protection.
  • Erosion control on farmlands and in human settlement.
  • Crop water requirements.
  • Irrigation management.
  • Drainage.

4. Environmental Resource Management

  • Reclamation of degraded lands resulting from mining, agricultural and other activities.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Training in soil resources management.

5. General Cropland Agronomy

6. Plantation Agriculture/Agroforestry

7. Soil Information and Database