Dr. Emmanuel Amoakwah

Dr. Emmanuel Amoakwah


Dr Emmanuel Amoakwah is a Research Scientist and Head of the Land Evaluation Programme at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Soil Research Institute.

Research Interest

  1. Land Evaluation and Soil Suitability assessment
  2. Heavy metals Biogeochemistry
  3. Soil, Air and Water Quality Assessment
  4. Climate-smart Agriculture (Adaptation and Mitigation)
  5. Biochar, Soil Carbon Sequestration and Dynamics
  6. Soil Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes and Properties
  7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  8. Soil-Water-Plant Relationships
  9. Soil Productivity and Food security.


PhD (Soil Science) – University of Cape Coast (Ghana), The Ohio State University (U.S.A.), Aarhus University (Denmark).

MSc. (Physical Land Resources, Soil Science Major) – Ghent University, Belgium.

Honours and Awards

2021: TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits Postdoctoral Research Award – The World Academy of Sciences

2020: ClimapAfrica – Climate change postdoctoral research in Africa Award – DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service

2020      Young Scientist award by the Korea Africa Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (KAFACI)                        

2019       The International winner of the alumni video contest linked to the Sustainable Development Goal event “Education and Sustainable Development Goals” within the Global Minds Programme of Ghent University, with a back-to-back presentation with the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Sir Fraser Stoddart.

2018       Certificate of Achievement awarded by The Ohio State University in recognition of an excellent PhD research

2016       Norman Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program Fellowship

2014       Danish International Development Agency Fellowship

2014       International Water Management Institute Fellowship

2013       International Fund for Agricultural Development Fellowship

2013       Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship

2008       Certificate of Achievement for graduating with distinction awarded by Ghent University, Belgium.

2006       Flemish Interuniversity Council scholarship, Ghent University, Belgium


Journal Publications

  1.  Amoakwah, E., Arthur, E., Frimpong, K. A., Nicola, L., Nziguheba, G., & Islam, K. R. Biochar amendment impacts on microbial community structures and biological and enzyme activities in a weathered tropical sandy loam (2022). 172, Journal of Applied Ecology. doi.org/10.1016/j.apsoil.2021.104364
  2. Phares, C.A., Amoakwah, E., Danquah, A., Akaba, S., Frimpong, K.A.,  Mensah, T.A. (2021). Improved soil physicochemical, biological properties and net income following the application of inorganic NPK fertilizer and biochar for maize production. Acta Ecologica Sinica. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chnaes.2021.12.002
  3. Amoakwah, E., Arthur, E., Frimpong, K. A., & Islam, K. R. (2021). Biochar Amendment Influences Tropical Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Lability. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 1-13. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42729-021-00628-4
  4. Amoakwah, E., Rahman, M., Nketia, K., Djouaka, R., Didenko, N., Islam, K., (2021). Impact of deforestation and subsequent land-use change on soil quality. Eurasian J. Soil Sci. 10.18393/ejss.843861
  5. Jung, H-i, Lee, T-G., Lee, J., Chae, M-J., Lee, E-J., Kim, M-S., Jung, G-B., Amoakwah, E., Jeon, S. and Lee, B-R. (2021). Foliar-Applied Glutathione Mitigates Cadmium-Induced Oxidative Stress by Modulating Antioxidant-Scavenging, Redox-Regulating, and Hormone-Balancing Systems in Brassica napus. Front. Plant Sci. 12:700413. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2021.700413
  6. Amoakwah, E. (2021). Cover crops influence soil microbial and biochemical properties, In: Cover Crops and Sustainable Agriculture. CRC Press, Boca Raton, pp. 299–308.
  7. Emmanuel Amoakwah, Shamin Ahsan, Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Eric Aasamoah, D.K. Essumng, Musheda Ali, and Khandakar Rafiq Islam (2020). Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution of Soil-water-vegetative Ecosystems Associated with Artisanal Gold Mining, Soil and Sediment Contamination; Soil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal, 29:7, 788-803. DOI: 10.1080/15320383.2020.1777936
  8. Amoakwah, E., Arthur, E., Frimpong, K.A., Rafiq, K.R. and Parikh, S. (2020). Soil organic carbon storage and quality are impacted by corn cob biochar application on a tropical sandy loam; J Soils Sediments, 20, 1960–1969.    https://doi.org/10.1007/s11368-019-02547-5
  9. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., Okae-Anti, D., and Arthur, E. (2017). Soil water retention, air flow and pore structure characteristics after corn cob biochar application to a tropical sandy loam; Geoderma, 307: 189-197. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geoderma.2017.08.025
  10. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., and Arthur, E. (2017). Corn cob biochar improves aggregate characteristics of a tropical sandy loam; Soil Science Society of America Journal, 81 (5): 1054-1063. doi:10.2136/sssaj2017.04.0112
  11. Frimpong, K.A., Amoakwah, E., Osei, B.A., and Arthur, E. (2016). Changes in Soil Chemical Properties and lettuce yield response following incorporation of biochar and cow dung to highly weathered acidic soils; Journal of Organic Agriculture and Environment, 4 (1): 28-39.
  12. Amoakwah, E., Van Slycken, S., and Essumang, D.K. (2014). Comparison of the Solubilizing Efficiencies of Some pH lowering (Sulphur and (NH4)2SO4) amendments on Cd and Zn mobility in soils; Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 93:187–191.
  13. Amoakwah E, Van Slycken, S., Tack, F.M.G., Essumang, D. (2013). Assessing the Extraction Efficiency of CaCl2 and Rhizon Extraction Methods after the Application of Organic Matter and CaCl2 as Soil Amendments to Enhance the Mobility of Cd and Zn. J Environ Anal Toxicol 3: 167. doi:10.4172/2161-0525.1000167
  14. Amoakwah, E. and Frimpong, K. A. (2013). Relationships between potassium forms and selected physico-chemical properties of some Ghanaian soils along a toposequence; ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 7, 525-533.
  15. Amoakwah et al., 2013. A Comparison of the Solubilizing Potential of Some Aminopolycarboxylic Acids, Hortrilon® and Fetrilon® for Use in Phytoextraction; Open Journal of Soil Science, 3, 182-190.

  1. Conference Papers
  2. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., and Arthur, E. International conference on Tropical and sub-tropical agriculture, natural resources and rural development, University of Bonn, Germany. “Corn cob biochar improves aggregate characteristics of a tropical sandy loam” (September 21, 2017).
  3. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., and Arthur, E. Islam, K.R. International Annual Meetings, ASA, CSSA and SSSA, Tampa, Florida, “Corn cob biochar effects on tropical soil aggregate stability and aggregate-associated C and N contents.” (October 24, 2017).
  4. Amoakwah, E., Frimpong, K.A., and Arthur, E. Islam, K.R. International Annual Meetings, ASA, CSSA and SSSA, Tampa, Florida. “Biochar effects on microbial community profiling of a tropical sandy loam”, (October 24, 2017).
  5. Islam, K.R., Amoakwah, E., Abouelnadr, R., Khaitove, B., Didenko, N., Raut, Y., and Shedekar, V.S. International Annual Meetings, ASA, CSSA and SSSA, Tampa, Florida. “Aggregate protected carbon and nitrogen pools in response to different tillage systems”, (October 24, 2017).
  6. Islam, K.R., Amoakwah, E., Abouelnadr, R., Khaitove, B., Didenko, N., Raut, Y., and Shedekar, V.S. International Annual Meetings, ASA, CSSA and SSSA, Tampa, Florida. “A new method to measure particulate organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur pools as early indicators of soil quality”, (October 24, 2017).
  7. Amoakwah, E., Kemp-Benedict, E., Baron, J., Morris, J., Fosu, M., and Islam, K.R. Water for Food Global Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A. “Identifying potential areas for scaling up successful agricultural water management technologies: A case study of the White Volta Basin in Ghana using the TAGMI tool” (11th April, 2017).


  1. Amoakwah, E., and Islam, K.R. International Scholar Research Exposition, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. “Soil water retention, air flow and pore structure characteristics after corn cob biochar application to a tropical sandy loam” (November 17, 2017).


  1. Amoakwah, E., et al., 2017. I was delegated as Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program Fellow to be part of the 2017 Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium (The Road out of Poverty), World Food Prize, Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A., October 18-20, 2017.
  2. Amoakwah, E., et al. 2013. I was nominated by over 30 Borlaug Fellows to give a presentation on “Climate change, food production and agricultural sustainability in Africa” during the 2013 World Food Prize Laureates award ceremony in Des Moines, Iowa, US.
  3. Amoakwah, E., et al., 2013. I was part of a group of young scientist sponsored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) who attended the First World Irrigation Forum and 64th International Executive Council meeting in Mardin, Turkey, from September 29 – October 5, 2013. A presentation was made on the “Challenges faced by young professional scientists in developing a career path in irrigation”.


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E-mail Address : e.amoakwah@csir.org.gh
Alt Email : emmaamoakwah@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile : +233 (0) 248 597 524
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