Dr. Eric Owusu Adjei

Dr. Eric Owusu Adjei



  • Senior Research Scientist in the development of Soil Fertility Management Technologies for sustainable and resilient cropland productivity improvement
  • Head of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Programme of CSIR-Soil Research Institute of Ghana.
  • Senior Level Institutional Scientific Research Coordinator, Information Management and Agricultural Transformation Practitioner.
  • Expertise in technology transfer of soil and environmental resources management and Agroforestry technologies for improving the resilience of croplands towards sustainable crops production, improved incomes and climate change risk reduction.
  • Experience in the organization of formal and informal training, field demonstrations as well as management of exhibitions and fairs.
  • Extensive research and development experience, with a variety of interdisciplinary teams on Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Agroforestry, soil and environmental resources management for sustainable agriculture and poverty reduction, across the different agro-ecological zones in Ghana and also in Borkina Faso.
  • Lecturer in Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Agroforestry, fruits and tree crops production as well as Scientific Communication at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels.
  • Consultant in in Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Agroforestry, Plantation agriculture, soil suitability evaluation for sustainable agriculture, soil and crops pollution monitoring, and cropland productivity improvement.
  • In depth knowledge in scientific communication including scientific/development reporting, database management, scientific events management and public relations duties.


Ph.D Degree in Agroforestry, KNUST, Ghana, 2014
MSc. Degree in Soil Resources Management for Agriculture, Ukraine, 1992.

Work Experience

Senior Research Scientist 2017 – 2019.
Research scientist (Special designation as Scientific Secretary)

Research Overview / Interest

  • Plant nutrition (macro, secondary and micro-nutrients) studies for crops production
  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management protocols development,
  • Soil pollution and its remediation for sustainable agriculture
  • Agroforestry and plantation agriculture development,
  • Soil and environmental resources management
  • Scientific communication, technology transfer, field demonstration
  • Consultant in land use planning and soil management for sustainable agriculture

Selected Publications

14 Referred journal papers
2 Chapters in refereed books
8 Conference Papers
Over 30 Extension Leaflets, Flyers, Brochures, Exhibition Poster Produced
Over 45 Workshops / scientific events organized
Over 40 Exhibitions mounted on behalf of the Institute

Connect with Dr Adjei

Email: eoadjei@csir.org.gh
Mobile: +233 (0) 244442919