Professor Joseph O. Fening

Professor Joseph O. Fening

Professor Joseph O. Fening is Chief Research Scientist and a soil microbiologist. He is currently the Quality Assurance Officer of CSIR. Prior to that he was the Director of CSIR-SRI, Deputy Director and head of the soil microbiology division from 1992-2018. He has served on a number of National and International committees and currently the National focal person of the FAO.

His research interest includes Biological Nitrogen fixation, microbial management and climate change. He has managed and coordinated a lot of international and local funded projects including IFAC, AGRA, FAO, WAAP AgSSIP, UNU-INRA and RYIP.

He was a part time lecturer at the Department of crop and soil science, KNUST for 20 years and currently a lecturer at CCST.

He has published many scientific papers and examined over 170 post graduated Thesis.

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