Mr. Reuben Gaisie

Highest Qualification
MSc. Agroforestry

Field and Research Interest
• Soil Conservation Planning and Erosion Control.
• Rehabilitation/ Reclamation and Restoration of degraded lands.
• Research in Climate-Smart Agriculture and Improving Yields of Smallholder Farms with Agroforestry Options.


Refereed Journal Papers

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Edited Conference Papers

1. Issaka R. N., Buri M. M., Kombiok J. M., Nagumo F., Omae H., Sakyi-Annan E and Ekow Gaisie. (2012). Effect of relay cover cropping on succeeding maize crop yield and soil nitrogen in different agro-ecological zones of Ghana. “Proceedings of the Kick-off Workshop on Development of Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Soil Management in sub-Saharan Africa” (Ed. Buri M.M., Issaka R.N., Nagamu F. and Omae H.). CSIR-Soil Research Institute, Kumasi., Ghana on 27th Sept. 2012.

Chapter in a refereed book

1. Edward Yeboah, Frederick P. Baijukya, Joseph O. Fening, Zacharie Zida, Ekow Gaisie, Steven Merumba and Gudeta W. Sileshi (2016). Scaling out cassava-based production systems in West and East Africa. Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (2016). Going Beyond Demos to Transform African Agriculture: The Journey of AGRA’s Soil Health Program, Nairobi, Kenya. Editor, Tiff Harris, TH Consulting Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya, ResearchGate publications (6):55-64

Approved Consultancy Reports

1. Adjei-Gyapong, T., Fening, J. O. and Ekow Gaisie (2009). Integrated Community Land Management and Soil Fertility Improvement in the Upper West Region of Ghana (TCP/ GH/ 3101(D). CSIR Soil Research Institute Tech, Report No. 284. Report on Community Soil Resources Mapping (Nambeg, Yagha, Tongo and Kusele).